Diamonds Are Back

Diamonds are back, thanks to the Trump administration.The US government is cracking down on the supply of cheap gold, and now we’re seeing a huge surge in the demand for platinum, which is also on the upswing.That’s according to the latest figures from the United States Mint.In April 2018, the government minted just shy of […]

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How to get the best diamond bar for your trailer?

The best diamond bars for your home or office come with a few key perks that are worth considering, such as:  * An easy-to-clean and easy-for-cleaning surface for easy cleaning and storage.* The ability to store diamonds on the bar itself for years, if not decades. * A diamond cutter, and for diamond jewelry, a diamond jeweler.* […]

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How to create the perfect diamond sword

Diamonds are the most sought after gemstones in the world, but their high cost makes them more valuable than gold or platinum.In the past, they were mined for their color and hardness.Diamonds can be mined for as little as a few pennies per carat.And they can be made with as little effort as using a […]

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What to know about diamond solitaire necklaces

Diamond solitaire bracelets and other jewelry can be pretty fun, but there’s a catch.It’s a pain to wear for a long time, so don’t try them for the first time until you’re comfortable.Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your diamond soliti…

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