What is a diamond doll?

The diamond doll is a small metal doll that was popular in India from the mid-1800s until the 1970s, with the name reflecting the fact that it was a decorative device, according to the Smithsonian.A doll, a doll, and a doll!That’s a good time to look back at some of the most notable examples of […]

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Nails with Blue Niles Diamonds

When you look at the real world, you see diamonds with blue veins.That is why a new diamond-encrusted nail set was created with blue diamonds.The nail set consists of four diamond-plated blue nails and four blue-plating nail polishes.It is part of a series called “blue nails with diamonds” created by Nails With Blue Nails Diamonds.The […]

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How to buy a diamond bracelet

How to get a diamond bracelets in 2018: What you need to know to get the most bang for your buck article Diamond bracelets can be a bargain, but if you’re looking for something that can go with every outfit, this guide will help you find the best diamond bracelet in 2018.1.What are diamonds?Diamonds are […]

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Which Diamond Pizza has the best diamonds?

Diamond Pizza is one of the most iconic American restaurants, and the first restaurant to open in Washington, DC, in 1948.Its diamond-colored crust is a symbol of its American heritage.Diamond pizza has a wide variety of toppings and toppings combinations, but the best pizza is the traditional pizza with an eggplant pie, cheese, and a […]

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How to choose the best diamond color for your jewelry

If you’re looking for the best color for a diamond, you’ve probably heard the advice “don’t wear it blue.”But what if it was purple, and you didn’t want your gemstone to be so bright that it would show through your clothing?That’s where purple diamonds come in.Purple diamonds are very rare, and it’s not hard to […]

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