$3.7M to help fund $1.6B diamond head grill construction

Costco is pledging $3 million to help support the construction of a $1 billion diamond head head grill at its Diamond Head resort in Hawaii.

The grill is being built to provide the resort with a unique and memorable outdoor experience.

In addition to the $3,7 million in donations, the resort will also offer a $3-per-day admission program.

Costco said it will provide a $500 gift card to one guest per day for their diamond head purchase.

As part of the $1,732,921 contribution, the company said it would also support a $5 million “Diamond Heads” foundation for the next six years, which will support the foundation’s mission to build a brighter future for the diamond industry and raise awareness about the disease.

Costco also announced it will invest $250,000 to support a project that will create a new “Hip to Hump” trail on its Gold Coast property to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Diamond Head outbreak.

A trail will run through the Gold Coast, connecting the island’s main tourist attraction to the town of Goldsboro.

The Gold Coast has been plagued by outbreaks of the coronavirus, but a new wave of infections has put many resorts in the area under quarantine.

It was only recently that the disease was reported in Gold Coast.

On Wednesday, the CDC issued a public health alert about a new coronaviral illness that has infected people who have visited resorts in Southern California.