Agape Diamonds to sell for $2 million in New York

Agape diamonds have hit the market with a $2.7 million sale price, with one of the most sought-after gems on the market, the Agape diamond, being auctioned off in New Jersey.

Agape Diamond Sales was founded by Steven Lathrop and Andrew Pangborn.

The auction will take place on Sunday, April 21, 2018, at the Agapes Diamond Company, located at 1225 East Main Street, Jersey City, NJ 07043.

The sale is being led by Andrew Pangs and Steven Laths.

Agapes Diamonds is a premium diamond company based in the United States.

Agape has a long history of diamond products, and has worked closely with a number of leading brands to create the Agapens diamond products.

The company’s most recent product line is the Agaped Diamond Collection, which includes Agape gemstones, agape diamonds, agapene gems and agapenite gems.

The Agape family of diamonds includes Agapen, Agape, Agapene, Agaped, Agave, Agapes, Agaven and Agape Pearls.

In 2017, the family was purchased by the Agapanet Diamond Group.