Apple ‘Diamond Dust’ iPhone 6s review: ‘It’s a really well-made phone’

Apple’s next iPhone will come with a new version of the diamond dust-and-glitter iPhone 6 that is supposed to “dirt up” the screen, according to a report from TechCrunch.

The report notes that Apple is “expected to announce” the new iPhone 6 on September 21st, which is two days before the company’s iPhone 6S, the phone which will be the first to feature the new glass body.

Apple already has two new iPhones in the pipeline, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone SE, which are both rumored to come with diamond dust displays.

Apple has been rumored to unveil a new iPhone this year, but the company has not yet confirmed it’s a next-generation iPhone.

In an earlier report, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the new diamond dust display could be an Apple exclusive, but there’s no word yet on whether the company plans to unveil the new iPhones this year.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad are rumored to be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show next month.