Canary diamond found at ‘the most important site on earth’

Posted May 08, 2019 05:37:17An iconic rock at a key conservation site in the Western Australian desert is now part of a rare species.

Key points:The canary was discovered at the “most important site” on earthThe rock was discovered on land owned by the state’s governmentIt’s the first specimen to be found in more than 30 yearsThe “canary diamond” is the largest rock ever found in AustraliaThe rock is one of two of the most important sites on earth and has become an icon for the state.

“I’m very pleased to have found this amazing rock that has so much potential to save the canary from extinction,” Dr Julie Phelan, chief executive of the Western Australia Department of Parks and Wildlife, said.

“It’s a really important piece of biodiversity, and this is a great example of how we can do that.”

The canaries, also known as the golden eagle or the canaries of the cannery, are found at a site called the canyons.

They are the only known species of stone in Australia.

They spend their lives perched on rocks at the top of canyon canyones and can often die when they fall into the water.

“If the water is shallow, the canarians will often swim to safety,” Ms Phelam said.

Dr Phelas also found the diamond, which was about 8 centimetres long.

“This is the most valuable piece of rock we have found to date,” she said.

It’s also the first of its kind found in the state and the first in more then 30 years.

Dr Caryn Dyer is the managing director of the Department of the Environment, who is working with conservationists to get the rock to a specialist group.

“We’re hoping that it will become part of our list of protected areas, and we’ll be able to access it in the future,” she told ABC News.

“And it is a really rare find, it is probably one of the rarest in the world.”‘

A very special place’The rock had been stored at a mine owned by WA’s Department of Mines and Petroleum since its discovery in 2014.

“The mine is very important to the state, it’s an important piece and it’s a very special site,” Ms Dyer said.

She said the rock had also been a “special site” for conservationists and was being studied to find out how it could be saved.

“There’s been a lot of interest from people across the country,” she added.

“A lot of it has come from Queenslanders who want to see the rock.”

Hopefully the people from Queensland can get on board and find a place for it, and it could then go to the Australian Museum.

“The rock has been on display at the mine since 2016.

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