Chris Diamond’s ‘The Book of Mormon’ Review: Why It’s A ‘Wickedly Good Book’

Posted by Google News on November 15, 2018 04:28:11Chris Diamond, author of the new book The Book of Mormons, has come under fire from critics over his recent review of the Mormon scripture, The Book Of Mormon.

Diamond says he didn’t find the Book of the Nephites “unrelenting” and that it was a “wickedly good book” that “saves lives.”

He’s also not the only critic who thinks it’s a bad book, however.

The New York Times, which first broke the story, was quick to weigh in, calling Diamond’s book a “brazen attack” on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Times also wrote:While we’ve all had our own experiences with religious and cultural texts, the book of Mormon, for example, has an uncanny ability to connect the dots, and to connect dots that aren’t necessarily in line with its narrative.

“The Book Of The Nephites, Diamond says, “does this.

It really does.

It’s got a very powerful story.

The narrative is very compelling, the characters are very compelling.

It makes the reader feel something.

But it’s also very powerful, and if you don’t feel something, then you’re not going to feel anything.

“The Times article also cites a book review of Diamond’s “Mormonism: A Story, a Story, and a Word,” by the renowned sociologist Christopher Lasch, which says Diamond “doesn’t seem to be aware of the difference between his own work and Lasch’s.

“Lasch, who’s also an author of “The Great Gatsby,” has called The Book The Book, Diamond’s review seems to be the latest in a long line of critics’ criticism.