Diamond chain men wear wedding rings that will make their friends cry

Diamond chain members have been enjoying the best part of a diamond wedding ring’s life so far. 

While some will be wearing the ring for a few days, others will be keeping it for life. 

“If you can’t get your heart to smile, or you just can’t take your mind off the diamond, you might as well throw the ring away and move on with your life,” said Joe Buss, who has a 3-ring wedding. 

Joe’s girlfriend, Ashley, is one of those who has thrown the wedding ring away.

She’s not happy with how it looks and the ring is now just a few years old. 

It’s been nearly a year since Ashley was married and is still adjusting to the wedding ceremony. 

Ashley’s wedding ring was a ring given to her by her grandparents and is in the process of being sold. 

The diamond chain is hoping to keep the ring forever by giving it away to the bride and groom. 

If you are interested in the ring, you can visit the chain’s website to apply for a certificate of authenticity.