Diamond cut cuts in California: Diamond cut in California cuts record number of cases

The number of reported cases of coronavirus in California fell to 3,531, the California Department of Public Health said Thursday.

The state has reported 3,074 cases, down from 4,735 last month.

The number is still nearly double the 1,858 reported in March, the department said.

The latest count, which was based on laboratory tests, is also the lowest since January, according to the state.

California is seeing its first spike in coronaviruses since the virus first made headlines in early May.

The last time the state reported a jump was during April.

The number of people who tested positive for coronavirence, a viral infection caused by coronaviral-19, jumped by nearly 10,000 to 3.65 million, the state said.

California has now recorded more than 3,500 confirmed cases of the virus, with 1,600 deaths, state officials said.

The department is warning residents to stay home until symptoms begin to fade.

The virus can be difficult to diagnose, but symptoms include fever, cough, and cough and a sore throat.

People with the virus should seek medical care and stay home if they feel unwell, the statement said.

There have been some instances of people coughing up blood and vomiting, but this has not been widespread, the hospital in Los Angeles reported.

The coronavid case fatality rate has been under 3%, according to California Public Health.

The coronavids first case came in early February from an individual in the California town of Redding, according the state health department.

The case was traced to an employee at a local hospital who had contracted the virus and was being treated at the hospital.

The worker’s name and hospital were not released.

The outbreak has caused a severe shortage of prescription drugs and health care services.

The health department says it has requested nearly $1.4 billion to fight the pandemic, including $500 million for the California Public Employees Retirement System.