Diamond shape diamond choker is a new way to look at diamond

A diamond chandelier has been created by sculptors using diamond shapes in the shape of diamond chokers, with an emphasis on aesthetics.

“I love diamonds, and I wanted to do something different,” said the creator, who went by the handle Diamond Shape.

He is currently finishing a set of chokers made out of diamonds and a gold band, which are set to be released later this year.

“The only problem with this is that we didn’t know what the exact size of the diamond was going to be, and so we went to the source of the diamonds and we found them.

We were surprised when they didn’t have a big enough diamond to fit in our choker,” he said.

The chokers are the first in the series of diamond shapes designed to create a unique, striking effect on the diamond ring, which has become an increasingly popular accessory.

In a way, they are like a cross between a choker and a bracelet, with a diamond shaped choker being the most obvious.

“It’s a very simple way of making a diamond chink.

You take the diamond out, and you put a piece of wood or glass on top of it,” Mr Diamond said.”

You have to remember, the diamond’s so small, so when you have this chink, it’s not going to stick.”

The idea of using a diamond shape for choker decoration began as an experiment, he said, but he and his team of choker designers were inspired by an Australian sculptor, Chris McColl, who had designed an intricate diamond chinking.

“He said he wanted to create something really, really beautiful, so he put a diamond in a chink and he said that the more diamonds he put in the chink the more beautiful it was,” Mr McColl said.

Mr Diamond said his first thought was: “Well, how can I make it look better?”, and he created the chokers with a few of the world’s most famous diamonds.

“I’m very lucky because I’m an American, so I know what to look for,” he laughed.

They were initially created for a company called Diamond Shape, and were then sold to a client in the United States, who used them as a way to sell his chokers to people in China.

Mr Diamond’s initial designs were also inspired by his father, a former miner who worked on the gold mines in Queensland.

It’s an experience that has left Mr Diamond deeply inspired, he says.

“Every day I wake up thinking about my father, every day I think about him, and the thought of him being here and seeing me do this really, is just so meaningful,” he says, adding that his mother and his father are the only ones who really know how much he misses his father.

“When I’m doing something for my father or my mother, I think they’re doing something that they know they want me to do.

That’s why I do what I do.”

The designs, he explains, were made with an eye to the world and to the people around the world, who, he hopes, will be inspired by the work.

Diamond Shape will also release the diamond chokers, in their own limited edition set of 10, at an auction in New York next week.

This will be the first of a series of chink designs to be made in the USA, with more to come.