Diamonds: Green Diamonds are a new color scheme for NBA players

Determining which color scheme is best for NBA stars is an art.

And the NBA’s new “Color Rush” uniforms for this season were no exception.

This season, the league will be featuring a green diamond to signify an offense-focused color scheme, with a blue diamond to represent defense.

These new uniforms were unveiled Monday at the NBA Draft Lottery, and while the new uniforms have not been officially announced yet, the NBA has released a new lookbook to preview the uniforms.

There are several distinct aspects to this new look.

The new look features a white-gray alternate jersey that has been redesigned to better match the new color palette.

The white-grey alternate jersey was also designed to provide more legroom and to keep players in check, while the red-orange alternate jersey offers more of a uniform color contrast and more room to breathe.

The new look also features a new shoulder stripe, which is similar to the ones that will be worn by the Lakers this season.

As for the new uniform colors, the color palette is still being refined.

The NBA released a color scheme preview of its new uniforms for the 2017-18 season, and a color pallette has also been released.

In the preview, players are shown wearing different colors to see which look they like best.

The colors were designed by color consultant John Moline, who also designed the new jerseys for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Moline was part of the creative team that designed the uniform for the Lakers in the 2016-17 season.

The Lakers wore the white-and-gold color scheme during the regular season.