How to earn the coveted diamond at Citi’s diamond shop in Manhattan

The world’s most expensive diamond is now available in New York City for the first time, but you won’t find it in any Citi Diamond preferred stores.

The brand has announced a limited run of 20 million of the rare gems, which will be offered through a Citi diamond store in Manhattan.

The brand’s announcement of the limited run was made Thursday at the Citi Jewelers and Platinum Platinum International Platinum Conference in New Orleans.

“This is the world’s only production of Citi Platinum Diamond Preferred and this is the first of many to come,” said Citi spokeswoman Stephanie Mott.

“As we look to build on our long-term partnership with the C.I.P.P., we are proud to offer this limited edition and one-of-a-kind product to our customers and partners.”

Citi is the largest U.S. jewelry company.

The CitiDiamond preferred diamond was created by Citi in 1984 and has been one of the most popular diamonds since it was introduced in 2006.

The CitiGold preferred diamond is the only other Citi Gold Preferred diamond to be released in the United States.

Citi sells about 400 million CitiGemDollars and the other three diamonds are also limited edition.

Mott said C. I.P.-owned stores will offer the limited-edition diamonds starting Thursday and will have the option to return them for a $20 refundable deposit.

The refundable deposits are used to pay for the purchase of the diamond.

CitiGold is the most sought-after of all the diamond grades.

C.i.P.’s Platinum, Gold and C.P.(or Platinum Platinum Preferred) diamonds are among the most coveted diamonds on the market.

Diamonds are made by breaking up diamonds in different ways.

The process is usually done by heating the diamond with an alloy, and then cutting out a portion of the alloy.

The diamond is then polished, which is then put back together.

Diamonds are then graded by the Purity and Shape International Standards Institute (PSI) and are sold through a series of independent diamond grading agencies that also market to retail customers.

The newest and most coveted diamond grades, C. P., are created by cutting and polishing the stone in a process known as diamond cutting, and are the most valuable because of the diamonds size and rarity.

The P.

P grades are the highest quality diamonds in the world, and they are the only grade with an “A” grade, meaning they are graded to “A-grade” standards.

The other most coveted grades, the G.

P, are created using a process called gem cutting, which involves the process of grinding and polishes the stone.

The grades are typically valued at $50 million.

The most sought after C.G.

P is the “C” grade because it has the most value in terms of size and its rarity.

Citigroup and other banks are among banks that have loaned millions of dollars in capital to Citi and its subsidiary, Citi Americas, to buy back their holdings of C. and P.G.-grade diamonds.

That capital investment has helped boost CitiGlobal, the parent company of CITI, to a $1.3 billion valuation and is expected to add about $3 billion to the company’s $4.5 billion in cash.