How to find your perfect diamond ring

Gold Diamond Rings are the perfect accessory for the groom, or just to add a bit of sparkle to your wedding day.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect diamond earrings for your groom, and how to make sure your ring is worth every cent.


Choose your size 1 diamond ring is one of the most sought after pieces of jewelry in the world.

But finding the perfect size can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to pick a ring that is the perfect fit for the occasion.

If you are unsure, then try sizing up.

The perfect size depends on how big your finger is.

If your finger has a ring gauge of around 10mm, then you will need to size up your ring to make it fit.


Pick your ring size The perfect ring size depends heavily on how large your finger size is, but the perfect ring is usually about 4.5mm (0.75in).

For the larger finger, a ring size of 10mm is ideal.

The smaller size is typically a 4.25mm (1.5in) or smaller.

The larger size is usually 4.75mm (2.5ins) or larger.


Choose the right colour to match your ring The colour of the ring is more important than the size of your finger.

You can choose between gold or diamond for your diamond ring and if you choose gold, then the diamond will be harder to scratch.

Diamond rings tend to be harder than gold, so if you are worried about scratch-resistance, then consider choosing a diamond ring instead.


Choose a diamond earring for your ring One of the best ways to pick out the perfect jewellery for your wedding is by looking at the shape of the diamond ear, so choose a colour that fits your ring perfectly.

Gold and diamond earls are generally the most common and the colour of your earring is the most important.

Gold earrings can have an overall shape of a heart or diamond, while diamond earlings are more of a diamond with a round diamond edge.

For example, a gold ring would be a round one with a diamond on the inside.

If the earrings are all the same colour, then pick a diamond and it will match perfectly.

For smaller earrings, try a gold or even a diamond-embroidered ring.

For the bigger earrings and diamonds, try the diamond ring with the pearl-embraced pearls.

Gold ring earrings may have a pearl-style gemstone on the outside.

Diamond ring earring earrings have a diamond pattern on the centre of the earring.

Gold rings can have a crystal pattern on one side of the eye, diamond rings are generally a solid stone, and gold earrings usually have an irregular pattern on both sides of the gemstone.

Gold diamond ear rings are usually much harder than the gold earring and can easily scratch.

If it’s your first time purchasing a ring, then make sure you pick a suitable size to find the ring that suits your tastes.

For larger earrings that you would like to keep, try an earring that is 2.5 or 3.5 times larger than the average ring size.

Gold Earrings are generally available in sizes of 1.5 to 4mm (3.5 inches to 7.5inches), and gold and diamond are usually available in the same size range.

If there is a colour you would prefer, then check out the size options on the accessories section of the website.


Find a jewellery shop to buy your ring Jewelers that stock jewellery will often give you an option of picking the perfect gold ring, or diamond ear.

If a jeweller doesn’t stock gold, or a jewellers stock diamonds, then they can often make you decide between gold and diamonds or both.

Some jewelleries stock both types of earrings.

However, some jewelliers only stock gold earpieces, while others stock diamond earpieces.

Check the jewellery section of your local jewelers store for a range of jewellery options, and make sure to pick the best earrings to match.


Choose an earrings colour Choose your favourite jewellery store and shop carefully.

You will find different colour options for your jewellery.

Some shops will only stock one colour for each earring, while some stores may stock more than one colour.

For gold ear ring earlers, for example, there may be more than two colours.

Check with the jewellier to see which colours are available, and choose your favourite.

Some of the jewelers also stock earrings in other colours, like white, gold and red.


Pick a ring colour A jeweller will often suggest a colour to colour your jewelled earring or diamond ring.

You may find that your jeweller will recommend a different colour for your gold ring or diamond-encrusted earrings than for your