How to get $50,000 for one diamond and one diamond ring from this charity

A $50 million diamond ring and $1 million diamond cuff are worth $1,100 each in diamonds and a $50 gift certificate is worth $750.

The diamond cuff is $1.6 million in diamonds, and the diamond ring is worth around $1 billion.

The charity is the World Diamond Council (WDC) and the charity was set up by Diamondsmiths, Inc. The charity was founded in 2012 to help people of the Diamond Council of the United States of America (DCUSA) who are struggling financially.

The WDC and Diamondsmith’s offer to donate to the charity were accepted.

The Diamonds and Apples charity has a mission to “help ensure the world’s diamonds are produced sustainably, responsibly, and in a manner that supports sustainable development.”

The charity has raised over $6.5 million for projects including the development of diamonds in Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Burundi, and will be launching a new project called The World Diamond Project.

According to WDC, the Diamonds are being donated to the organization through the WDC Global Fund.

The donation will go towards helping the charity produce diamond products that are available to the public at affordable prices, which are available for the first time since 2000.

The WDC has been donating to the Diamond Foundation since 1996, and donated $3.5 billion for the charity in 2016.