How to Get Paid to Write a Disney Song

By: Sarah Lacy-Frenkel | Updated May 23, 2018 03:15AM| Updated May 24, 2018 06:31PM| All articles Debi Diamond and her husband, Cody Diamond, are both artists and songwriters.

Diamond was born and raised in California and is currently residing in Florida, where she’s working on a music video for her latest single, “Darling Nikki.”

Diamond was a songwriter herself growing up, but she also grew up as a fan of music videos and wrote a number of them herself as a child.

Diamond, who has been married to Cody for seven years, started writing songs while she was still in high school, and eventually went on to write for some of the biggest names in music, including Lady Gaga and Drake.

The couple has also written for many of the major labels, including Sony, Universal, Warner Bros. and Universal Music Group.

Debi Diamond, DebiDiamond and Cody Diamond have been together for nearly seven years.

In 2016, Diamond and Cody had their first baby, their third daughter and the birth of their second child, named Diana.

Diamond told ABC News she was “just ecstatic” to be working with Disney to create a song for their daughter’s album.

Diamond said the song is “about a girl who’s just discovering herself, who’s kind of lost a lot of her innocence, but who has a passion and a purpose and she’s very brave.”

Diamond and her team are working on their daughter Diana’s new single, titled “Daring,” which is scheduled to be released on June 14.

“It’s about a girl,” Diamond said.

“I’m really excited for her to be her best self.”

The couple said their first song was a collaboration with Rihanna, which they released last year, and their next song is for their third child, called “My First Love,” which was released last month.

Diamond explained that their music video has been a “little bit different,” but said the lyrics are the same.

She said they’ve wanted to do a song like that since they were young, and that they hope to work with Disney again soon.

“I’m just thrilled to be here with Disney, to be a part of their amazing family,” Diamond told

Diamond Diamond and Cindy Diamond.

(ABC News)Diamond Diamond said she feels the world needs more songs written by women and girls in the music industry.

“If you want to do something that’s going to get noticed, you have to write songs, right?

I think a lot more girls have to make the leap,” Diamond Diamond said of working with the Disney Music Group and Disney to make a song.

Diamond said that Disney was willing to give her a piece of the action in the song.

“They said, ‘Look, we’re not gonna have to do it ourselves.

We’re just going to be helping you do it,'” Diamond Diamond Diamond told NBC News.

“And that’s a lot different than what they’ve been doing.

They’ve been very supportive of the project and really supportive of what we’re trying to do.

I think it’s going really well.”

Diamond said she and her partner, Cody, also had a “dream come true” after Disney told them they would be able to make money with the song, which is based on the “Dancing With the Stars” theme song.

Diamond and Diamond Diamond have made a song called “Dare to Be Different” about their daughter, but this is the first time that it will be used for Disney.

“Daring” will be released in a single and CD version, and will feature appearances by Debi, Diamond, Cody and the Disney artists.

Diamond Diamond has been working on her song for about two years.

Diamond’s daughter, Diana, is now a toddler.

Diamond says she’s already been busy with the new Disney song, but said she plans to do more work with her daughter soon.

Diamond, Diamond Diamond and Debi.

(Disney)Diamond told that she thinks that there’s a “great chance” that the song will be a hit, and hopes that “it can inspire people to write their own songs.”

Diamond Diamond told CBS News in an interview that the Disney music group has helped her find new fans.

“We’ve seen it grow tremendously.

We’ve had more fans than any other record label, so that’s really exciting,” Diamond wrote.

Diamond wrote the lyrics for the song for her daughter.

“Dying is the name of my child, so I want to honor that by writing a song about her death.

It’s about her being brave, and she being brave for me, and for my children, and my friends and my family,” she said.

Diamond says that she and Cody were inspired by the song “Beauty and the Beast,” which the couple wrote with singer Kristen Bell, and decided to make their own version.