Kohinoor Diamond Watch on sale for $2,499 at Kohinor Diamonds online store

Kohinora Diamonds on Monday announced that its flagship Diamond Watch has now sold out at its online store.

The Diamond Watch, named after the legendary diamond-encrusted jewelry chain, was the company’s most expensive item on its website.

The Kohinorny Diamond Watch features a gold-enclosured sapphire crystal, a metal band with a sapphires internal mechanism, a ceramic body, a diamond-studded strap, and a stainless steel case with a diamond logo.

Kohinori Diamonds is also selling a second version of the Kohinorns Diamond Watch with a smaller sapphero dial.

The company said the Diamond Watch was the highest-selling item on Kohinors website for its 2017 calendar year.

Kohina Diamonds plans to sell a smaller version of its Diamond Watch that is more compact and lighter in weight, the company said. 

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