Which team will win the 2016 MLB postseason?

The Washington Nationals are the defending National League champions.This is a game that will be decided by baseballs wildcard and the NL wildcard standings.That’s not quite true.The Nationals are likely to advance in a game between the two best teams in the National League.The Cardinals will be the team with the best record and the […]

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World’s highest-priced diamond for sale: $14.9M piece from the Agat Dinar gem mine in Saudi Arabia

A World’s Highest-Paid Diamond from the Gold Mines of Agat (Gemma) Dinar, Saudi Arabia, sold for an astonishing $14,9 million ($20 million) in New York.This gem was produced in partnership between the Agathars diamond mining company and the Agathemetals diamond company. Agathemetal diamonds are made from Agathar diamonds and are prized by collectors as they can […]

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‘Mystery diamonds’: Why is Trump so obsessed with them?

The Trump administration is so obsessed, so obsessed that it has developed a series of elaborate, mysterious, and perhaps illegal ways to keep tabs on diamonds.According to documents released Monday, the president has been looking for rings since at least March 2017.His obsession has been fueled in part by a recent meeting in which Trump, […]

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When Diamonds is the only company to break a billion-dollar record, they’re the ones who should pay for it

DARIEN, Ark.— The diamond industry is in a bit of a tailspin, with the industry reporting a 1.7% drop in revenue last quarter.That’s less than the 1.9% decline reported in 2016, but still the lowest quarterly revenue for the industry since 2010, according to data from Diamonds International, the world’s largest diamond company.Diamonds International reported […]

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When is a $300 Black Diamond ring going to be worth $400?

The price of a $200 diamond ring has jumped more than $400 in the past 24 hours on a global black diamond market, according to a tweet from one user. The tweet, which was retweeted by someone named @mattwong, said: “$300 diamond ring is worth $450.$300 black diamond ring was priced $150 last night.$400 black diamond rose […]

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How to buy diamonds online: ‘They’re pretty hard to find’

Google has introduced a new way of finding diamonds, using its own database of black diamond gear.Key points:Google has launched a new service to find diamondsThe service lets you buy diamond jewelry online from a variety of sources including diamond stores and diamond dealersThis service will be rolled out nationwide over the coming weeksGoogle has […]

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