Diamonds in the wild

Diamonds are in the spotlight in the Pacific Ocean, with some locals claiming to have spotted the elusive species in the depths of the Pacific.Key points:The wild species has been spotted in the deep waters off the island of Hawaii and in other areas of the regionThe species is not known to breed on its […]

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$3.7M to help fund $1.6B diamond head grill construction

Costco is pledging $3 million to help support the construction of a $1 billion diamond head head grill at its Diamond Head resort in Hawaii.The grill is being built to provide the resort with a unique and memorable outdoor experience.In addition to the $3,7 million in donations, the resort will also offer a $3-per-day admission […]

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Why I’m wearing diamonds again

I’m back in Hawaii.I’ve had my eye on the diamond crown for a while now.It’s just that it’s a little hard to get my hands on the crown, which is a bit of a shame.So I decided to wear my diamond earring in my crown to celebrate the Diamond Celebration, my favorite holiday.But I wanted […]

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How to Find Your Own Diamond Head in Hawaii

If you have never been to Hawaii, you might think that it’s an island paradise.However, you’d be wrong.Hawaii is one of the most remote and inaccessible countries in the world.In fact, the closest place to get to Hawaii is New Zealand.While Hawaii is remote, you’re likely to encounter people and places in Hawaii that you […]

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