Kohinoor Diamonds, diamonds, solitaire diamond rings and more in the UK

Reuters 1/6 Kohinoo Diamonds in a ring with a heart inside. Source: Getty Images 2/6 A diamond ring with the face of an owl on top. Image: Getty Getty 3/6 An amethyst diamond ring. Photo: Getty 4/6 A diamond ring made from diamond-sized crystals. Photos: Getty 5/6 The face of a man. Picture: Getty 6/6 Solitaire diamond-themed rings in a necklace. Posted: October […]

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How to buy diamonds online with diamond supply co

Diamonds are a big deal.The world’s largest producer and consumer of the precious gemstone, with more than 200 million tonnes in global supply.They can be bought for a variety of reasons, from jewellery to jewellery making.Here are some tips on buying diamonds online.1.Check the company You need to check the company and their policies for […]

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Kohinoor Diamond Watch on sale for $2,499 at Kohinor Diamonds online store

Kohinora Diamonds on Monday announced that its flagship Diamond Watch has now sold out at its online store.The Diamond Watch, named after the legendary diamond-encrusted jewelry chain, was the company’s most expensive item on its website.The Kohinorny Diamond Watch features a gold-enclosured sapphire crystal, a metal band with a sapphires internal mechanism, a ceramic body, […]

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