When Diamonds is the only company to break a billion-dollar record, they’re the ones who should pay for it

DARIEN, Ark.— The diamond industry is in a bit of a tailspin, with the industry reporting a 1.7% drop in revenue last quarter.That’s less than the 1.9% decline reported in 2016, but still the lowest quarterly revenue for the industry since 2010, according to data from Diamonds International, the world’s largest diamond company.Diamonds International reported […]

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Diamonds: The next big thing in jewelry

The diamond industry is booming.The number of diamonds in the world is rising.And the future is now.But it’s not just the growing market of diamonds.The industry is also seeing an explosion of applications in the form of jewelry, which is now worth a whopping $15.3 trillion, or more than the value of all the cars […]

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Diamond band shapes and patterns, dustin diamond

A diamond band shape and pattern that you might recognize in a diamond ring is Dustin diamond.It’s the same shape and the same color, but a different diamond band.You might think that you’ve got two diamonds that you’re holding together with two different bands.That’s not the case.These two diamond shapes and shapes have their own […]

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How to create the perfect diamond sword

Diamonds are the most sought after gemstones in the world, but their high cost makes them more valuable than gold or platinum.In the past, they were mined for their color and hardness.Diamonds can be mined for as little as a few pennies per carat.And they can be made with as little effort as using a […]

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