What’s the Diamonds Price in New Zealand?

New Zealanders have to shell out over $100,000 for the diamond clarity scale in order to get a diamond that has a quality diamond.The scale is designed to show how pure a diamond is, but it’s unclear whether a diamond of this quality will be available at the retail price.Quartz reached out to the manufacturer […]

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How to get the most bang for your dollar on diamond tennis chain

Posted May 01, 2018 12:28:49 A new luxury tennis chain has caught the eye of Canadian fashion bloggers.It’s called Diamond Tennis Chain, and it’s being launched by a Canadian designer, Dinesh D’Souza.It’s part of a trend where luxury brands are creating and selling a wide range of clothing, accessories and accessories accessories for women.And it’s […]

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How to find your perfect diamond ring

Gold Diamond Rings are the perfect accessory for the groom, or just to add a bit of sparkle to your wedding day.Here are some tips to help you find the perfect diamond earrings for your groom, and how to make sure your ring is worth every cent.1.Choose your size 1 diamond ring is one of […]

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