The Man Made Diamonds of Sophia Diamonds

The world’s largest diamond is an artificial gem of diamond.

Its creation in China was done by a company that was paid $8 million by the Chinese government.

That $8,000,000 is a significant sum in today’s dollars, but the diamonds are worth about $10 billion.

So it was a good deal for the company.

But it was also a good bet for the Chinese Communist Party.

What do you think the Chinese state was thinking?

They were betting on a commodity that is mined in a certain country.

So if China could sell these diamonds and earn a profit, then it could be able to buy up other diamonds and sell them to other countries.

It was a gamble that was profitable for them.

Why did it work?

Well, there were many things about this diamond that they were not doing.

It had to be cut with a machine to cut it, and the machine itself had to have some kind of power.

And when they cut it they had to use a special tool that would take it apart and put it back together.

And the tool that they used was not a diamond cutter, which is what you’d use to cut a diamond.

It used an electric saw that would cut diamond into diamond.

So they were trying to make something that was more expensive, so that it could sell more cheaply.

And it worked.

The Chinese Communist government knew about the technology, so they had a lot of incentive to make the diamond.

But in the end, the Chinese economy was not in great shape, and it was very difficult for the government to make any money off the diamond industry.

So the diamond that was produced in China for a government company was very expensive, and so the Chinese communist government decided that the only way to make money was to use the diamond to produce more diamonds.

And so that’s how the Chinese Diamond Corporation became.

The Communist government sold the diamonds and the company itself became very successful.

What were the consequences of all this?

They took the diamonds that they had made in China, they turned them into Chinese-made goods.

They became an important export source.

And by 1980, the company was making about $8 billion a year.

And then in 1990, the United States Congress passed the Global Trade Expansion Act.

This was a law that allowed for the transfer of the United State’s domestic diamond market to a foreign company.

And that was a big deal.

That meant that if China was going to become a major diamond exporter, the U.S. government had to step in and make sure that it was selling Chinese- made diamonds.

So the United Kingdom’s government had a stake in the Chinese company that would eventually become the world’s biggest diamond producer.

This is what the company that had been the largest diamond producer in China in the 1980s, and now the United Arab Emirates, was selling to the United Nation’s General Assembly.

And what the United Nations did was it passed a resolution in 1990 that said: This is a binding international agreement that has been signed by the governments of the European Union, the European Economic Community, the International Monetary Fund, and other world governments.

It said: The Parties recognize that the diamond trade is a vital element of international trade, and that they should support the production and use of the world diamond industry and the promotion of trade in diamonds.

But the U!


did not take this agreement seriously, because the Chinese were selling their diamond to other governments.

So China was selling their diamonds to other foreign governments, which in turn were selling them to the U.-1, the Soviet Union.

And this was not the first time that this happened.

The U.N. had already done this with the diamond-producing countries in the 1960s, which was a very significant step.

But this was the first step that the United Sates government was taking, and I believe that they really helped change the entire diamond industry in the United U.K. What did you make of all that?

Well I think that this was a great example of the kind of policies that we would see in the next 20 years that would bring about a massive change in the industry.

And I think it’s very significant because it has been the case in many countries that we’ve known about since the beginning of the 20th century.

We have to change how we work with the environment, with health care, with labor, with environmental protection.

We’ve changed everything in terms of the economy.

And we’ve had to do this because of the destruction of the planet and the loss of life and so on.

So this was just a really huge, very powerful example of how you can make a change.

There’s something very interesting about the history of this diamond, the history that we have been dealing with, because it is not an example of just one industry.

The diamond industry is so intertwined, and we know that the Chinese are not just one or two companies that