What a difference a year makes: nfPA diamond

By Steve VittiAssociated PressAssociated PressNATIONAL JUMBO, South Africa–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nepal’s government is expected to declare a national diamond festival on November 11, the last day of its calendar year, according to a government announcement on Friday.

The declaration will mark the official end of the national year and the beginning of the year-long celebrations of the diamond, which is considered a national treasure in many countries around the world.

Nepalese government spokesman Gnanakalakshmi Banda said the government would formally announce the diamond festival at a press conference in the capital Kathmandu on Saturday.

The announcement comes a month after Nepal announced it would mark the end of its national diamond season with a Diamond Jubilee.NDP president Ramyashree Ghosh said in April the government was considering extending the year to commemorate the end to the national diamond.

The celebration, called the Neflama Diamond Jubilance, aims to raise awareness about the diamond and the economy of Nepal and is part of the government’s plan to increase tourism, he said.

Namibia, which had the world’s highest per capita consumption of diamonds, has also announced its celebration.

The country is also celebrating its 150th anniversary of independence.

The world’s largest diamond producer in 2012, China is the world leader in diamond exports.