What’s the Diamonds Price in New Zealand?

New Zealanders have to shell out over $100,000 for the diamond clarity scale in order to get a diamond that has a quality diamond.

The scale is designed to show how pure a diamond is, but it’s unclear whether a diamond of this quality will be available at the retail price.

Quartz reached out to the manufacturer of the diamond, Diamond Quality Inc., but received no response at press time.

If the company is unable to supply the diamond in a reasonable timeframe, then customers could end up paying $1,000-plus for a piece of diamond jewelry.

Quartz’s investigation found that Diamond Quality sells only three diamonds for the initial scale in the US.

A $100 diamond is $5,600 cheaper than a $100.7 diamond, and a $1 million diamond is only $1.3 million cheaper than the lowest-priced diamond.

Diamond Quality has yet to respond to Quartz’s questions.

The company is not alone in being priced out of diamond clarity scales, as Quartz found that several other companies are offering the scale in New York and Philadelphia.

A price of $1 in New Jersey is only a little more than $3.50 in the Philadelphia market, and $5.00 in New Mexico is only around $1 a thousand.

Quartz contacted Diamond Quality about the pricing of its scale, and the company declined to comment.

Diamond clarity scales aren’t uncommon in New England, Quartz found, though they’re not as common in other parts of the US, such as in New Orleans.

Quartz also asked the company for a price on its diamond clarity glass.

Diamond quality told Quartz that its glass can be used to calibrate diamonds for clarity, but Quartz wasn’t able to confirm that the scale can be calibrated to accurately measure diamonds.

Quartz asked Diamond Quality for a quote on the glass, and it was unclear when Quartz would receive a response.

Quartz is not the only consumer group to be priced out from diamond clarity units.

In September, Quartz reported that the New York State Department of Consumer Affairs had been told that some retailers are charging $10 for a diamond clarity unit.

Quartz was told that the unit is available for sale in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, but that it was not available in New Brunswick.

Quartz did not receive an answer to Quartz for questions on whether other retailers have also been hit with pricing issues for the clarity scale.