When the diamond hoop star says she’s done with her ‘lucky’ wedding dress

A woman who says she was “lucky” to have a diamond hoop dress as a wedding dress is telling a story about it that could change how many people wear dresses anymore.

Tasha DeMarco, a wedding planner and blogger, posted a photo of the dress on her blog, Diamond Hoops, and said in a statement to ABC News she had been wearing it for three weeks when it “came undone.”

In the photo, which was posted Friday, DeMarco shows off her dress, with its floral print lining and a black lace waist.

She posted it to her blog in April with the caption, “I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten married to this dress, but I’ve also been lucky to have worn it for the last three weeks.”

In a story posted Friday on ABC News, DeMarcus says she wore the dress for three months, and wore it for more than a year.

She told the story to ABC affiliate WUSA9 on Friday that she was wearing the dress as the ceremony wrapped up.

She said she got it from a friend.

“It’s not the best-fitting dress I’ve ever had, and it’s not even my favorite,” DeMarco said.

“I just wanted it to feel comfortable and not have a frill on the bottom.”

She said she wore it in the middle of the ceremony for two days because she was worried about what the bride’s mom might think of it.

She said the dress was a “slight disappointment” because she didn’t think it would “be a surprise to everyone.”

“It was a big mistake,” DeMarcus said.

She’s not sure how many times she’s worn the dress since it came undone.ABC News’ Mary-Louise Williams contributed to this report.