Which are the diamond platnums that are the best in the world?

Diamond platnumz are the diamonds that are formed when the diamond-shaped crystal is crushed to a hard surface.

They are usually found in large numbers in the top 20 percent of the diamond grade and are valued at over $20 million per tonne.

They have the longest life expectancy in the diamond market, but they are more fragile than the larger gems.

There are two types of diamond platna, a red and a blue, which are similar to the colours of the stone and are sometimes used interchangeably.

They can also be cut with a diamond cutter and can be used for making jewelry and jewellery, although their sharp edges can make them difficult to sharpen.

The diamond platniums are also called “double-sided” platnims, because of their two sides.

There is a difference between the blue and red diamonds, which also are known as “double” or “triple-sided”.

There are five types of diamonds in the Diamond Group of the International Diamond Corporation: red, white, yellow, pink and blue.

The colours of each of these are used in jewellery and for making diamonds.

Diamond platnumx are usually made of platinum and silver and are the most valuable of the diamonds.

Platinum is the hardest of the metals, making it difficult to forge.

They weigh about 500 grams.

The smallest platinum diamond is 0.9 mm and the largest is 1.2 mm.

The highest diamond in the group, the 2.5 mm (0.9 inch) Diamond Platinum, is the highest grade of the two.

This is the type of diamond that was produced by the Dutch company Gemma at the start of the 20th century.

It is the most popular type in the European market.

The diamonds of the Diamond Platnumz Group are known to have a colour called “halo”, which can change over time as they become older.

The colour of a diamond is influenced by the temperature it is exposed to in the sun, the atmosphere it is immersed in, and other factors.

The shape of a platnum is also influenced by these factors.

It can be very similar to other diamonds that have the same colour, or it can be a different colour altogether.

The name diamond platnnum comes from the word “platinum” which was a common currency in the 17th and 18th centuries, when diamond prices were higher than in the United States and the UK.

In the 20,000-year history of the world’s supply of diamond, it is thought to be the only type of stone that is more valuable than platinum.

In addition, there are a number of rare, rare earth minerals that can also change colour.

Some of these minerals are not as well known as platinum, but have a much higher level of purity and are more valuable.

A rare earth mineral that can change colour is graphite, which is an extremely soft, flexible metal with a high electrical resistance.

Graphite is the material that makes up most of the insulating insulation that surrounds many electronic devices, computers, smartphones and many other devices.

It has a number one status in the market because it is more durable than other types of metal.

The average price of a single platinum or palladium plated diamond is about $15,000 per ton.

The prices of diamonds that were made in the 20s, 30s and 40s were not as high, and were valued in the billions of dollars.

However, in recent years, demand for these diamonds has been rising, and the price of these rare stones has fallen.