Which team will win the 2016 MLB postseason?

The Washington Nationals are the defending National League champions.

This is a game that will be decided by baseballs wildcard and the NL wildcard standings.

That’s not quite true.

The Nationals are likely to advance in a game between the two best teams in the National League.

The Cardinals will be the team with the best record and the top seed.

That means the Cardinals would win the NL Central and the World Series.

But the Cardinals have the best chance of advancing.

This could be a battle of the best teams.

Here are the odds on who will win in a wildcard game:The odds are: Cardinals 1.5-1.5 (Washington is favored) The Cardinals are a team that has a chance to make the postseason.

But they have a lot to work on, including their offense.

The Cards have a young roster and the team is rebuilding.

The front office is going to need to be aggressive in free agency.

But in the short term, they have the talent and can be a playoff contender.

But if they’re not, they can’t make the playoffs.

The Giants are a contender and the Nationals have a chance at winning the division.

The New York Mets are a young team and will likely finish last in the NL East.

But that’s not a knock on the Mets.

The Mets are also rebuilding and the front office has a lot of talent.

The team has a good chance of making the playoffs, especially if they win the division and the division title.

The odds: Cardinals 4.5% (Washington 3.5%) The Cardinals have a better record than the Nationals, but they’ve got some work to do.

The only teams that could win the AL West and the National Series are the Cardinals and the Giants.

The Rockies, Padres and Marlins are the teams with the better record and are a combined 3-5.

The Braves are a great team that could make the playoff and is a division favorite.

But there’s no way that Atlanta can win the World Championship.