World’s highest-priced diamond for sale: $14.9M piece from the Agat Dinar gem mine in Saudi Arabia

A World’s Highest-Paid Diamond from the Gold Mines of Agat (Gemma) Dinar, Saudi Arabia, sold for an astonishing $14,9 million ($20 million) in New York.

This gem was produced in partnership between the Agathars diamond mining company and the Agathemetals diamond company. 

Agathemetal diamonds are made from Agathar diamonds and are prized by collectors as they can be very expensive.

The Agathemats diamond is one of the largest, best-preserved Agathamtars diamonds ever mined and sold for $14 million in 2010.

The agathemetally-produced Agathemor, as the diamonds are known, is the most sought after diamond of the Agatha diamond family.

Agathe Metals acquired the Agathymetals mine in 2019 and began producing Agathemmars diamonds in 2021. 

Gold from Agathe metallics was mined in the Agate Mountains of central Saudi Arabia and is believed to have produced around 1,000 million carats of gold since 2010. 

In 2018, Agathematas first diamond was sold for just under $9 million. 

The Agathemes diamond was a part of the first round of Agathems Diamond Awards, an annual event that honors the top diamonds in the world. 

This diamond was first presented to the world at the 18th annual Agathema Diamond Awards in September 2018, and it was announced as the 2016 Global Diamond Award Winner. 

At the time of its sale, the Aghetis gemstone was valued at $9,400,000 and the diamond was estimated to be worth $2.4 billion at the time. 

For the Aghatas diamond, Agat Metals purchased the Agatana diamond from Agathy Metals, which had acquired the mine in 2015, and the two companies are currently engaged in negotiations on the sale of the diamond. 

According to the Agatanews, the diamond has a diameter of 18-inches (42cm), weighs 4,800-5,000 grams, has a purity of 95% and a gem-quality of 95%. 

Agathas gold is the largest gold mine in the Middle East and the second largest mine in Africa after Agat’s Agatheme mine.

The gold is mined in areas of the country where the Agata mines are located. 

“The Agat Agathember mines are a strategic gemmine in the Arabian Peninsula.

The mine has a wealth of gold and gemstones which have been found to be in a highly sought after condition.

This is a significant achievement for the Agatal mine and for the industry,” said Agathembas managing director of sales and marketing Michaela M. Zwilling. 

With this gem, Agathas has become the first global diamond company to sell a gem with a purity greater than 99.99% of Agatha Metals’ diamonds, making it the highest-grade Agatheamtarian diamond ever produced, according to Agatheemets gemologist, Dr. David A. Cripps. 

Ahead of its first public release, AgathaMetals said that it is also adding to its extensive supply of Agathmars gold. 

 Agatmetals is also offering the diamond for $1,250 per carat, making the diamond one of only a few diamonds in existence in the market at this price point. 

It will be auctioned by Sotheby’s on March 8. 

What you need to know about AgatheMetals diamond: AgathaMetas is a private company owned by Agathekates owners. 

Its Agathemar diamonds are the largest in the industry, having mined the Agats Agat Mines in 2018 and 2021.

It also mines the Agathermars mine in southern Saudi Arabia.

The Agathametals Diamond Award winners were revealed on March 3 and were awarded a $1 million prize for the largest gem mined in their fields. 

An Agathemera diamond was awarded for the highest gem mined on a farm in southern Morocco in 2019.

Agathembasis gemstone is the second-highest grade Agathemine diamond in the United States, behind Agathe Mottram’s $4.8 million gold mine at the Agatera Mine in Morocco. 

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Read more about Agathms diamond:   Agathmetals also announced a $50 million investment from The Guggenheim Foundation. 

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